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  • Cheaper than a private taxi

Luxury Private Airport Transfer

Luxury limousine transfer: Save money and travel in style!

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Price starts at
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Transfer from Cyril E. King Airport to East End
Transfer from Cyril E. King Airport to Downtown/Northside
Transfer from Cyril E. King Airport to Lovango
Transfer from East End to Cyril E. King Airport
Transfer from Downtown/Northside to Cyril E. King Airport
Transfer from Lovango to Cyril E. King Airport

St. Thomas Limousine Luxury Transfer vs. Taxi: Which is Right for You?

When planning your St. Thomas trip, transportation is a key consideration. Among the available options, taxis and luxury transfers stand out as popular choices. Taxis offer a convenient but expensive means of navigating St. Thomas. They are readily accessible during the day, and their rates are set by the Government. However, taxis can be crowded, noisy, and may not be ideal as they make multiple stops.

On the other hand, luxury transfers present a more opulent and tailored experience. You’ll be chauffeured in a comfortable SUV, with direct transportation to your destination. While luxury transfers may typically come at a higher cost compared to taxis, we set our rates similar, or less than a private taxi.

Luxury transfers bring several advantages over taxis, including:

  1. Spacious and comfortable vehicles.
  2. Personalized and attentive service.
  3. Direct pickup and drop-off.

If you desire a superior, more opulent, and hassle-free mode of travel within St. Thomas, luxury transfers emerge as the superior choice for you.