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Jet Ski Rental

Explore the crystal-clear waters of St. Thomas on a jet ski!

Quick Details

Join the largest jet ski rental company on St Thomas, with the newest jet skis, and the most fun. Our prices won’t be beat!

1 Hour - Yamaha Larger, Faster Jet Skis
1 Hour - SeaDoo Smaller, Lighter Jet Skis

Have an Epic Adventure with a Jet Ski Rental in St. Thomas!

Upon arriving at our St. Thomas jet ski rental facility, you’ll receive a warm welcome from our hospitable host. They’ll assist you in completing the necessary waiver and provide you with a well-fitting life jacket. Additionally, for those who wish to capture their adventure, GoPro cameras are available for pickup.

Following the paperwork, our team will offer a comprehensive safety briefing on the dock, covering fundamental jet ski operation, along with St. Thomas’ specific rules and regulations for jet ski operation.

With the safety briefing completed, it’s time to embark on your aquatic adventure! Our safety boat will guide you in and out of the marina, remaining nearby should any problems or emergencies arise. While exploring the local area, please keep these restrictions in mind:

  1. Avoid entering beaches, swim zones, or bays.
  2. Maintain a “dead slow” speed when near other marine traffic.
  3. Always yield the right of way to other boats.

At our facility, your safety is our top priority. Our highly trained and experienced staff adhere to a stringent safety policy, ensuring that your jet ski rental experience in St. Thomas is both enjoyable and secure.

Important Safety Information:

  1. To reboard the jet ski after falling off, you must be able to lift your body weight and possess upper body strength.
  2. If our staff suspects any signs of drinking or drug use, we reserve the right to withhold departure from the dock, with no refunds provided.
  3. You must be able to swim.